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All New Suzuki Hayabusa launched at Rs 16.4 lakh

The 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa has been dispatched in India at Rs 16.4 lakh (ex-display area, Delhi).

Suzuki Hayabusa engine update

The Suzuki Hayabusa actually utilizes the 1,340cc, four-chamber motor limit, however it has been changed for 2021. The progressions incorporate lighter cylinders, new interfacing bars and fuel injectors. All things considered, both force and force figures have gone down. It currently makes 190hp when contrasted with the past gen’s 197hp, while the pinnacle force of 150Nm is additionally marginally lower than previously.

Notwithstanding this, Suzuki claims that the force conveyance has been reconsidered to be more grounded and that this outcomes in the ‘fastest Hayabusa ever’.

Suzuki Hayabusa frame

For 2021, the Suzuki Hayabusa keeps on utilizing the twin-fight aluminum outline. The bicycle likewise has an indistinguishable wheelbase (1,480mm) as the more established model. The kerb weight, nonetheless, has gone somewhere near 2kg to 264kg, on account of a lighter exhaust framework. Concerning suspension, the new Busa utilizes Showa units with changed internals. The greatest, and most required change comes in the slowing down office, with the Hayabusa currently running Brembo’s acclaimed Stylema calipers in advance. Suzuki has likewise decided to furnish it with the noteworthy Bridgestone Battlax S22 tires.

Hayabusa Hardware

Suzuki has likewise chosen to refresh the Busa’s hardware vigorously. With another six-pivot IMU, the 2021 model gets 10 degrees of footing control, 10 degrees of against wheelie control, three degrees of motor brake control, three force modes, dispatch control, voyage control, cornering ABS and slope hold control.

For 2021, the Suzuki additionally sports a LED front lamp and, while a significant part of the huge dashboard stays simple, there is another TFT show in the middle for the rider to explore the different menus.

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