Anzen Kawasaki Mumbai coordinated a race function for its clients. It is at the Aamby Valley airstrip, throughout the end of the week.

Requirement for speed!

The thought behind holding the race function at the Aamby Valley airstrip was to allow proprietors to encounter the sheer exhibition capability of their cruisers. In a protected and controlled climate.

The line-up

Pretty much every Kawasaki model sold in India was available at the function. With the proprietors turning up with their cruisers brilliant and promptly in the first part of the day. From the Z900 to the Ninja 650, Ninja 1000SX and the Ninja ZX-10RR Winter version. There was a different blend of cruisers destroying the drag strip. A Versys 650 likewise participated in the fun however the cherry on top of this green cake was the Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R. A bike worked to annihilate quarter-mile races.

Fire away!

The function started with a fast examination to guarantee that each bike was in the correct condition to destroy the runway. It included checking the chain strain, setting the tire pressure. A brisk check of the brake cushions to guarantee that there was sufficient life in them to halt securely, toward the finish of the run.

The main hour of the function committed to assessing and understanding the outside of the runway. It was trailed by singular practice begins. This allowed riders to comprehend their bike grasp’s nibble point and the number of fires up to take care of without finishing causing a wheelie and losing time simultaneously. Then again, dispatch control on bikes like the ZX-10RR easily took care of getting the ideal dispatch off the beginning.

After a couple of unintended wheelspins, wheelies and moderate dispatches at the outset. So, the proprietors got a hang of the right strategy of dispatching their bikes. Also, from that point on, they took advantage of their time and improved at it with each run.

The energy noticeable all around was tangible, as we watched Kawasakis rocket down the track, effectively crossing 200kph before the end goal. Our ride at the function was the 2020 Z900 that had an Akrapovic, full-framework exhaust for better execution and, not to overlook, a hair-raising soundtrack. So, truth be told, various ZX-10Rs, a ZX-6R and ZX-14R were kitted out with post-retail Akrapovic and SC Project depletes. However, to state that the sound of these cruisers was shocking. The music to the ears of devotees would be putting it mildly.

Have a decent day

Eventually, the primary target of the function was to let proprietors experience the maximum capacity of their bike’s exhibition. The radiating grins were verification of the pleasant they had all the while. The point, says Anzen Kawasaki, is to lead some more functions like this later on as it permits proprietors to interface with one another and bond over a quarter-mile drag.

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