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New Bajaj Pulsar NS125 launched at Rs 93,690

Bajaj has dispatched the Pulsar NS125 at Rs 93,690. It sits underneath the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 in the organization’s NS range.

Bajaj Pulsar NS125 motor and gearbox

With the appearance of the Pulsar NS125, Bajaj’s Pulsar line-up has developed to 10 models, while the NS range currently comprises of three models. Not at all like the higher-limit NS models, this one uses a more modest motor, yet a less difficult one. Controlling this NS is a 124.4cc, air-cooled, two-valve unit that makes 12hp and 11Nm of force.

The motor limit and cooling strategy are indistinguishable from the unit on the standard Pulsar 125, yet the force and force figures have slight contrasts. We accept the two bicycles share similar motor with various tunes as it would help save costs. While the NS200’s motor offers likenesses with the KTM’s 200cc one, that isn’t the situation here. The Pulsar NS125’s motor additionally comes combined to a 5-speed gearbox.

Body, suspension and brakes

The NS125 utilizes a border outline that utilizes an adjustable fork and monoshock for suspension. It additionally utilizes a 80/100-17 at the front and 100/90-17 tire at the back. Slowing down, then, is done by a 240mm plate in advance and 130mm drum at the back. In contrast to the NS160, the NS125 can’t be optioned with a plate brake at the back. The NS125 is additionally 7kg lighter than the NS160 at 144kg. Different measurements like the ground leeway, seat stature and wheelbase are 179mm, 805mm and 1,353mm, individually.

Bajaj Pulsar NS125 styling

What hasn’t changed is the styling. The NS125 appears to be indistinguishable from its bigger kin with regards to the plan. It sports a similar smooth-streaming exposed bicycle lines and undoubtedly shares its body boards with the bigger models. The gas tank, for example, has all the earmarks of being a similar unit and the spec sheet uncovers that it has an indistinguishable limit of 12 liters. The NS125 likewise includes a similar split seat. What it passes up however are the refreshed shading plans that have the edge and wheels completed in matte white.

Bajaj Pulsar NS125 cost

At Rs 93,690, the NS125 costs around Rs 16,000 not exactly the NS160. Nonetheless, it costs Rs 20,000 more than the standard Bajaj Pulsar 125.

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